Radio Free Erika is an internet radio based project born of conflicting states of hope and frustration. It is an in between forum, in between the buzz and image blasts RFE is an alternative to pre packaged news pointed at you. RFE is an invitation for participation and open to organic programming changes. Radio Free Erika is in celebration of community, communication and the revealing of the magical within the mundane.

Programming is currently between broadcasts, please check back for future broadcast schedules and visit the Brooklyn/Basin Archives links below.

Brooklyn, NY - August 2004

View from the Wonder Wheel, Coney Island.

Unable to respond to the image culture of war, terror and Bush II with images, I developed an internet radio forum as part of an exhibition during the Republican National Convention. RFE was a sanctuary of sorts for me and a larger network of friends, family and friends of friends around the country and world for discussion and feedback on subjects as mundane as the weather to as loaded as Iraq, terrorism and globalism.

Archived schedules and broadcasts from the Watch What We Say exhibition.



Basin, Montana - June 2006

view from studio

June 2006 broadcasts are from the studio while in residence at the Montana Artists Refuge, Basin. Broadcasting includes yodeling attempts, interviews with Basin residents (pop. 255) and resident artists, weather, flora and fauna sightings, off the grid living, local to global environmental concerns, personal stories and histories, mining, thrift shopping, hopes and fears.

The Basin Archives



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